Water Lesson Plan for Toddlers

Toddlers love water!  Take that enthusiasm and turn it into a lesson plan for learning!
Water Lesson Plan for Toddlers: Art, Science, Math, Sensory, Life Skills and MORE!  Must read and do!!!

Where can you find water?
What are the properties of water? 
How can water change? 
What things need water? 

Of course, water is such a broad topic that one week will just touch upon some of the basics. 

Every day we will have a 30 minute planned physical activities in addition to our learning.  Our more structured learning time usually occurs in the morning when our moods are the happiest.  To go with the water theme, we will be running through the sprinkler, swimming at the pool, hiking to a river, and playing some water relays with big sister!

Water Music Ideas for Toddlers

We are making a rain stick with a paper towel tube and small nails, then pouring dried beans in it and capping it off with some good old duck-tape! There are so many water songs, we will try to sing a few fun AND educational ones! Like the Water Cycle Boogie or "Little White Duck" or "Baby Beluga" Oh, the possibilities are endless!  I put a music focus for Monday because that is when I teach my toddler the songs and more.  Printing songs on paper or a white board shows environmental print.  Interacting with the words make them even more meaningful!

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers

Exploring properties of water
Set up a learning station for your toddler to explore properties of water.  See how easy it is to set up an inside water play activity station from Learn with Play at Home

inside water play activity station from Learn with Play at Home

What is REALLY COLD water?  In the morning we filled up ice cube trays and put them in the freezer.  Later in the day, we took the trays out and talked about what happens to water when it gets cold. It turns to ice (not poop like my son predicted - gotta love 2 year olds!) We then brought the ice to the bathroom and I let him melt the ice in a sink of water.  HE had a BLAST!
Toddler science introduction to temperature with cold water
Sink or Float
This experiment is soooo easy, yet sooo much fun for toddlers.  Let your toddler grab a bunch of toys and dump them in the water.  Talk about what ones stayed on the top (floated) and which ones went to the bottom (sank).  Then, take them out, dry them, and try again with a new hand-ful of toys!

Toddler Science activities: water play sink or float with toys

Water falls down. Make this simple, but oh so much fun water wall for toddlers from Adventures of Adam.

Life Skill Lessons with Water for Toddlers:

Taking Care of Toys
Water is a great way to teach toddlers how to care for their belongings.  Find out how Hands on As We Grow shows her son how to wash toys. 
Teaching toddlers life skills with water play and learning from Hands On As We Grow

Water Math Activities for Toddlers 

Measuring water with standard and non-standard units of measurement.  (sounds fancy huh!)  Yeah, it is really just bringing out the water station and spending time pouring using different size measuring cups.  I make sure to explain what they are.  He was so proud explaining to Papa on the phone that he was "measuring water" for his daily lesson. 

Water Art and Sensory Exploration for Toddlers

Water Color Paint
We have actually brought out the water color paints every day this week, but I have set aside a day to focus on open-ended art.  In the last week, my son has correctly identified almost 12 colors (still gets mixed up with pink and purple) so we talked a lot about colors while we painted. 

Water lesson plan for toddlers, using water color paints to explore art

Colored Water Tub Play *
Click over to Twodaloo to find out how to make colored water play tubs.

Colored Water Play tubs for toddler art exploration from Twodaloo

Colored Water Mixing Station
Want to play with colored water, but keep it a little more contained? Try this colored water learning activity from Happy Hooligans.  Click to see how to make colored water bottles.

Colored water bottles for toddlers from Happy Hooligans

Bubble Tray
Child Central Station has made this awesome toddler sensory table for water exploration.  Click to see how to make a bubble tray.

Water Lesson Plan for Toddlers, how to make a bubble tray.

Water Field Trip Ideas

I had a hard time limiting myself to just one trip this week.  There are so many wonderful places to go with water, that we went to quite a few in the afternoons and talked about fun places we can find water!
  • Swimming Pool (man-made)
  • Walk near the creek (nature)
  • Splash park (man-made)
  • Sharks Tooth Hunting (nature)
  • Walk in the rain (nature)
  • Visit to the pond to feed the turtles and fish (actually a man-made pond)
Here are just a few of the books on our shelf this week.  Make sure that you have a mix of Fiction and Non-Fiction reading levels as well as a variety of reading levels and vocabulary.  Don't feel like you need to buy all the books - your local public library is a great way to get an instant themed library for the week! We really did enjoy the book Water and Bubbles and my son asked for me to buy it for his 3rd Birthday!

Do you have a toddler in your house?  What will you be learning about this week?  Feel free to use our ideas with your little ones and share any good ones with us too!  We LOVE learning and are excited to start up another year of tot-school!
- Amanda


Caroline said...

Love these activities! I like that daily theme/emphasis for tot school, too.

Jenn @ Mr Little Man said...

I'll be linking to this post in my upcoming post... I just ove your site and all of your ideas! Most of all, I love you Parenting with a Purpose statement...Thanks!


ES said...

Love this! My 2 year old is OBSESSED with handwashing just so she can play in water. I may try the ice and the sink/float activities with her.

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