Using Wordle for Spelling Homework: After School Express

Have you tried WordleIt's really neat!  It made me start to think how we could use it at our house for After School. After exploring in on my own I soon realized as an adult how cool this was.  So I wanted to see how we could utilize it for an After School literacy activity. We found a perfect way!  


My daughter used Wordle it to type her spelling words and have fun at the same time! Since she's in first grade this year it's our first year with spelling words. The teacher is pretty flexible with what the homework is to practice and gives options for practice.  Here's a great way to see the words that you've created over and over again as you change the font, the color and the direction of the words to make your perfect image! The interface was very simple for her to use. 
 First have your child type in their spelling words. 

Then have them click GO and see what happens. 

You can vary the text alignment to vertical, horizontal, both or mixed.  You can change the font for quite a few choices and you can even change the colors.  When you want to change the colors you can click on the customized box and a color will come up.  I had a little fun with my daughter and didn't tell her.  I shared this image with all of the HTML codes on it for her to choose colors and type them in.  It's basic computer programing learning to code things, I LOVE IT! 

We had so much fun learning about Alligators last week. Here's what that write up looked it looked like if I put in all the words and here's what it looks like when I just limited the words and changed the color.    

You can really play around with it.  My daughter typed in her words probably 4 to 6 different times to see how many different ways she could get it to look once she changed the colors to custom colors. 

When we did our Water Week, I love how it looks like a fish! We saved and shared it on Wordle Here's the link .

Special thanks to Make and Takes shared this adorable All About Me Wordle on facebook this past week from Amy at Let's Explore! What do your After School Activities look like on Wordle? Try typing them and share on our facebook page or in next week's After School post!

We had lots of fun this week with the Virtual Book Club for Kids with Lois Ehlert as this month's author.  It was nice to see both of my girls reading with each other each day and working on some of the ideas we found on the Link Up.  My oldest loved them so much that she took them to bed to read one evening while I was getting the 1 year old to sleep and when I went in to read with her I discovered one sleeping reader.    

Favorite Afterschool Activities Shared this Week
In honor of International Observe the Moon Night last night I selected these two moon themed activities to share from the link up from What Do We Do All Day and Crayon Freckles.  We read Moon Rope by Lois Ehlert as part of our Virtual Book Club for Kids this month too! 

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We leave you with one last wordle of the week. Join Moms Fighting Hunger to help support No Kid Hungry.


Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk said...

Just finding your blog and love what I've seen. newest follower. Hope you will follow back.
Be blessed,
Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

Momand Kiddo said...

I didn't even know there was an International Observe the Moon Night! I think if I tried wordle, I might become addicted.

Myth said...

Thanks for your comment on our leaf man pictures - I am hoping to do a few more Lois Ehlert crafts - but our other books have not arrived yet. We have Cuckoo and Eating the Alphabet coming, so I am looking forward to having some fun with them too. I love what you have been doing with Wordle!

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

I didn't either until I was so kindly educated by Andie at Crayon Freckles! Wordle truthfully was a lot of fun, I have a feelign we'll visit it often to reflect on our thoughts about first grade. Will be fun to look back at too.

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

You're welcome. That will be exciting when they arrive. It's a lot of fun with Wordle, so glad you stopped by!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Oh, how fun. Perhaps we should try Wordle here too. Thanks for sharing!

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