Halloween Playdate (or party) for Toddlers

Have you ever left a toddler playdate at someones house and thought - WOW, that was a ton of fun!  We had a great time, my child had a chance to socialize AND learn! Take a peek at these Fun Halloween Crafts for Toddlers 

Halloween Activities for Toddlers 

Well, I just did and it was really something worth sharing with all of you!  I honestly canNOT claim any of it as my own!  The hostess did most of the AMAZING decorations and learning stations while other moms brought snacks, activities and games.  Me (9 months pregnant at the time) brought some snacks to add.  Yes - we all must not be on our A game all the time!!!  But let me tell you, this mommy did an amazing job of making our playdate so successful!

So what made it such a great playdate?

For one....There was learning stations set up around the room designed for toddlers. Each station focused on a different skill.  She had labels written out (LOVE THIS for early literacy!) and all the supplies needed to complete the activity at each station.  The hostess made several and other moms added theirs to the mix as they arrive (doing it this way is helpful because then everyone helps to make the playdate a success)

Station 1: Decorate a gourd with play dough!

Halloween toddler part: playdough imagination station

(My sons' creations!)

 Station 2: Make a counting book using themed stamps.

Make a counting book with themed stamps

Station 3:  Match the shape and color on the Jack-o-lantern.  

Using a "pin the nose on the pumpkin" poster, some amazingly creative mom changed it up so we could talk about shapes and colors with our kids.  A "FUN" game turned into learning activity in moments!!!

Matching shapes Halloween Activity

 Station 4: Color Matching activity

Color Matching Activity for toddlers

 For 2... Then, no perfect playdate is complete without a craft for kiddos (and parents) to take home. 
Make a spooky creature using a picture frame and craft items

 For 3... A good playdate must always have snacks!  Festive snacks are great, but healthy is too!!!  This momma had snacks on the deck - a great idea for messy tots!

Healthy Snacks for a halloween playdate

And then, last but not least, the hostess had all these AMAZING little things around her house to make the playdate extra special!!!

REALLY cool decorations like this

Decorate your pictures for a Halloween playdate
She had masks and horns and wigs and wands on all of her pictures.  I really had decoration envy!!!  They were adorable!!!

And notes for the kids on the wall like this...

Choose a sticker activity for toddler playdate

 and extra little treasure like this...

Make a coldren with treasures for toddlers to take home

 all ready for the kiddos! 

Doesn't this make YOU want to host a playdate???  I promise, toddlers are easy to please!  Just remember

1. Set out age appropriate activities with all the supplies needed out before the kids arrive.
2. Plan for kids to make and take at least one craft
3. Have healthy festive foods


BONUS - set out something special for kids to find, take, or look at.
And DOUBLE bonus - bring your camera and have a friend take a picture of you and your child =)  That way you can both look back and remember all of your fun times!!!!

Me and my little bee
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Hope you are able to celebrate the season in a special way with your toddler and friends too! 


Amandine said...

We had a great time! Thank you for your input always...

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

Wow! Looks like it was super fun!

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