Pregnancy Belly Painting - A great way for siblings to bond with their sibling to be!

belly painting
Owl always love you!

To celebrate the amazing gift of pregnancy and the power and strength of a woman's body, we set out to paint my pregnant belly in celebration of number #3's upcoming arrival.  If you haven't considered belly painting before, I would strongly recommend it. 

Pregnancy belly Painting
  • be soothing
  • give your older children and spouse a chance to connect with baby
  • be fun
  • allow you to express your creativity
  • be a way to celebrate your amazing belly
All it takes is some washable paint, a marker, creativity, and a little bit of time!  If you have tiny helpers like I do, then I would set your materials up ahead of time.  We used mini muffin tins for the paint, had some napkins and towels set out ahead of time, a glass of water and the camera ready to go. (See the picture of our paint station above) I recommend painting outside and using a paint that won't irritate your skin.  Maybe test a bit if you are a sensitive person before diving into the whole belly thing!  Let your littles (and your spouse) know your expectations prior to the experience!!! All my tot wanted to do was, "PAINT MOMMYS TUMMY NOW!"

owl painting
We used a book for inspiration and then we

Drew the outline of the owls with a crayola washable marker.  (We are a little bit in love with owls here!)
We then filled our paintbrushes and began painting - just like you would on paper - only the belly moves!  It was cute to see baby brother kicking the paintbrushes as his big sister painted one of the owl eyes.  We all thought it was a hoot and tried to get him to kick again!

I did put a small camera next to me and tried to get some action shots from a different angle.  Mostly because I wanted Papa to be in the pictures and if he is taking them, he won't be in them!  We are not professional artists and there were many imperfections, but to me, that is what makes this piece of art so special.  I will be printing some of the pictures of our painting session out and putting them in the baby book!  It is a great way to let our little one know how excited we are for his arrival!

Of course, the kiddos didn't think mommy was the only one who could join in the fun!   

owl painting

And the book that inspired it all...


MsXpat said...

What a lovely idea! Great pics that really capture the spirit of the time you had doing this. I must admit I'd be afraid to do this with my spirited toddler. He still want so jump and romp with me like a Mexican tag-team wrestler lol.

Lovingmama said...

I would have to relate to the spirited toddler - mine is very high energy too =) It just ended up working well because he loves to paint! You could always go with a more abstract finished artwork. Someone suggested fingerpaints and that would be great for a younger tot too!

tubal reversal said...

very nice idea all pics are really funny and nice..i like it very much,,

Mireille said...

so cute...awesome idea:) lovely pics, too

Anna Ranson said...

SO gorgeous! What a beautiful idea! x

Jaime JJ said...

This is great. And we just got that book a few wks back bc we have the toy. My son told me since we had the toy owl we needed the book to go with it:-) My boys would love to paint my belly! i will let you know if I let them. Love your pictures. Jaime@FSPDT
ps congrats!

Catherine Collins said...

What an awesome and fun idea to have bonding time. LOVE your picture, you look great!!. Best of luck with the new little one. (Momma's Fun World)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! What a great way to bond!

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