Parent with Purpose this Holiday Season

Make Halloween a learning, interactive time for kids.

pumpkinFor those of our reader families that celebrate Halloween, we wish you a safe evening filled with lots of yummy treats, fun tricks, cute kiddos in costumes, amazing pictures and happy memories!

Although much of the Halloween hype centers around asking for and receiving candy from neighbors, family, and friends, it is SO very important to make time for some of the other traditions as well.  We feel it is just as important to highlight these activities with our own children.  When we become parents, we get to choose what is most important for our children and we get to build our family traditions.

So today, amidst the picture taking and candy eating, I hope that you are able to...
  • Take a moment and enjoy something simple in nature.  Maybe you are able to take a walk around the neighborhood, stop at a local park and play, or just spend time in your own backyard. 
  • Get down right goopy with your kids! 
  • Help your kids make something and use their imagination.  This morning we made play dough together with maple flavoring to give it a wonderfully sweet smell (It looks and smells like maple walnut fudge.  I almost had to lick it, just to make sure it was really play dough!) It is not a "show-stopping" art or craft, but we sure had a blast and had the opportunity to explore our creative side!  Need some inspiration?  Check out one of our Pinterest boards for ideas!
sensory play
  •  Bake something healthy with your kids!  Home-made applesauce, cinnamon apple cider, whole wheat pumpkin bread, or even roasted pumpkin seeds are all great ideas.  When we make healthy foods part of our traditions, we are teaching our kids that these "treats" are good too.  This way, we are making memories, having fun, and PARENTING all in one!
  •  Last, but not least, make sure to have fun!!!  Be silly!  Smile!  Enjoy your amazing children this holiday! (and whichever parent is the family photographer - make sure to hand over the camera and jump in a picture or two!)
Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Happy halloween Amanda and the crew. I bet your Dad is so excited to also be spending this fun day with your family too. Thanks for reminding all of us to treasure these special moments with our little ones. So happy my biggest one is coming home tonight from college to spend time with his sisters too!

Becky said...

Adorable! How did you capture the butterfly on film!? We had 2 flying around the whole time we were painting and I never could get a good picture:). I love your first picture with your son and the butterfly!

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