An owl quilt for baby to be

Owl baby quilt

Make a Parent Gift for Your Baby to Be:

If you missed last week's pregnancy post, the kiddos had a blast painting my pregnant belly!  #3 is owl-ready loved by all and we had fun celebrating and preparing for his arrival.  Although I am super envious of all the "Pottery Barn" look alike nurseries, we tend to take a more home-made approach to life.  I had an idea for an owl quilt in my head and started gathering a stack of fabrics.  My 6 year old was VERY interested in what I was doing, so I handed her AND my husband the stack of fabrics and an owl template and asked them to make me some owls.  They made owl after owl together on the bedroom floor.  My husband isn't a quilter, but from their giggles, they were having a blast.  I left the room because I knew my ideas were TOTALLY different than theirs and I wanted to give them some control over the project without my supervision. Several hours later, they had made 12 owls, having added glasses and horns to some of them (their ideas!).  They gave their stack to me and I got busy sewing and ironing!

owl craft

When the squares were complete, my tot helped pin them together (we really wanted the quilt to be a family project and he is great at pinning!)

And then, I assembled the quilt and VIOLA, baby #3 now has something very special, very unique and made with TONS of love by his family. 

owl craft
We will owl-ways love you baby!

Do you want to get your kids started sewing???
Here is a simple, but oh so cute project for grade school kids.



  1. Replies
    1. You are so sweet! It is always nice to make things for those you love. Your kind words are appreciated!!!!

  2. This is gorgeous what an extra special gift to treasure for ever.

  3. We love this quilt, do you have a pattern?

  4. Yes do you have a pattern I'm a new quilter and would love to branch out. my sister is having a baby and I want to make an exta special gift plus she's doing owls aswell this would be perfect!

    1. Sorry - no pattern, I really just winged it! I would suggest finding a simple owl picture that you like and print it out to make your own pattern =) The wings look different because I let the kids put them where they wanted!


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