Make your Own Diyas for Diwali

Here's a fun way to learn about another culture with your child.  Diwali is a celebration for the Festival of Lights in India.  You can make your own light be creating a Diya.  Grab your supplies and come join us! 

Battery Operated Light 


 Create Balls with the Playdough
Then press in the middle of the balls to make a place for the candle 

Add Beads or Sequins to decorate your Diya

Time to add the Light! 
You can sign this little song too
Little Lamps
Tune: "London Bridge"
Little lamps are burning bright,
Burning bright, burning bright.
Little lamps are burning bright.
It's Diwali.
See them lighting up the night,
Up the night, up the night.
See them lighting up the night.
It's Diwali.
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Here's another Diya you can Create!
Here's a glimpse from our front porch in India on the night of Diwali!

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Allison said...

Great idea to bringing the holiday to a child's level. Thanks for sharing with The Sunday Showcase.

marilyn scott said...

Wow, that's a very beautiful sight on diwali. I so love your diy diya. Those are very cute diwali decorations that are perfect for Diwali 2013.Thanks for sharing~

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