Activities for Learning About Martin Luther King Jr

Across the nation many of our children are home from school in honor of him on the third Monday in January.  Are you doing any activities with your child that reflect his life and his message?

I realized that I needed to find some last minute ideas for my own daughter so I thought I'd share with you what I found.  Just type in the words Martin Luther King Jr. on Pinterest or online and you will see a reflection on how much one man can change the world.  In schools all over teachers are talking to children about him and the importance of peace, equality and standing up for what's right.  Each age level will do it in different ways and at varying levels of content.   

We've shared some of our favorite selections of activities on our Winter Pinterest Board.  Here are our TOP Picks for Activities do to with Preschoolers and Elementary Aged Children to learn about Martin Luther King Jr.  

If you find this video called Our Friend Martin it's one of my student's favorite for many years. Here's the Link on YOUTUBE... the WHOLE video 
Books for Children About Martin Luther King Jr. 

We'd love you to share what ways you're Observing Martin Luther King Jr. with your Child.   


  1. We are going to use lunch to discuss the reason we recognize this day. You can see the creative lunch I made for my daughter over at

  2. Great post! I have a post on three books celebrating MLK day One is on Ruby Bridges and the other is a chapter book set in the south called Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood. Dr. King influenced so many people to make change and I wanted to show that one person can make a difference, even a child.

  3. Thank you for giving us these great activities and links for this special day! I was fortunate to have Daria, who shares music for children all over the world, link up with my post to honor Dr. King:
    She wrote a song and there is a link to coloring pages and an animated video clip of the music...AND a free download of her original song!

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful resources. Perhaps we will fit something in the afternoon today - we are just enjoying an extra day off today. But I enjoyed when earlier today we watched inauguration, and suddenly Anna said, "Dr Martin Luther King dream came true. Look, President Obama is black!"


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