Using Printables to Enhance Education at Home: Snapshot of Parenting with Purpose

3 Dinosaurs - Using Printables

Hi, I'm Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs. I extended the education of my girls at home using printables. It is not hard to add a few printables and activities after school with as little as 30 minutes a day. There are many places on the web that offer free ones, and I have a few on 3 Dinosaurs. I'll be showing some highlights from my various printables that I offer for free on my site. Every pack I make I try to associate with a book. 

3 Dinosaurs - Printables

I set up their binders with activities or get a craft ready for them. I use binders, folders and sheet protectors. We have a shelf dedicated for these so they know where to find them. 

3 Dinosaurs - Using Printables

Each day I try to switch out the activities they have in their binders. Most writing sheets are placed in sheet protectors so they can be used again. Flash cards, pocket cards, and sorting items are printed on card stock and laminated so I can use them year after year. Here is a look inside each one of the binders. The worksheets shown here are from 3 Dinosaurs New Years Pack.
3 Dinosaurs - Using Printables

I have a book box with our current theme and library books. Each of the girls also has a reading bag they can go through. That includes my youngest who will be 3 soon. 

3 Dinosaurs - Using Printables

When we start a new theme we review the 3 Part Cards to make sure they all know the words.

3 Dinosaurs - Printables
The girls work through their binders individually. Each of their binders has activities appropriate to their level.
3 Dinosaurs - Printables

Each knows how to work through their different activities. If they have an new activity that needs more attention then I pull them aside at the table for it. 

3 Dinosaurs - Printables

Printables don't take more than a few minutes to put together to prepare for a week. My youngest might work on the same page for the entire week. The older two will have new things in their folders each day based on what they are learning at school. This does not mean they get everything done each day. Here is what you can find in the different binders: Rose has Math, Sight Words, and Blends. These are to continue what she is learning in 1st grade. Amelia has Early Reading Printables, CVC Word Family, and Sight Words. She is in preschool and wants to learn to read, so I'm helping her with that goal. Mary has ABCs, Shapes, Colors, and Numbers. She is almost 3 and learning lots of new things. 

The final printable that we use a lot is a collection of reading charts. They can fill in boxes for reading on their own or for being read to. I encourage Rose to try and read on her own but we understand the importance of still reading to her. They can earn small prizes for each set of 10 books. I gather the small prizes from the dollar section at Target. At the end of 100 they get a book from the book store. The goal is to reach 100 as many times as they can in a season. 

3 Dinosaurs - Printables
Here are some of the places you can get free printables online:
It does not take much time to add to your child's education at home with these. I hope you enjoyed this small look into how I use printables.

Hi, I’m Cassie, a mom of three stomping, romping, and roaring girls. I blog about fun art and craft activities and printables I make. I do include the odd review of products every now and then. I also blog about the places that I have taken the girls called trip reviews. I currently have a few free printable pack for kids ages 2 to 7 and I’m always adding more. I love to get comments and feedback and always looking for new things to try or do with my girls. Please hop over and say hello! Visit my: Website - Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest 

Kim's "Spin On It"
We were so excited when Cassie agreed to share how she uses the Printables that she creates with her children as her Snapshot of Parenting with Purpose.  She has shared with you so many terrific ideas and resources for printables.  In this snapshot we just wanted to share with you how even though you're not your child's teacher at school you can be their teacher at home easily.  It's one way we incorporate learning into our After School Activities that we do and why we shared the ABC's of After School Activities.  Sometimes a few may even show up at Tot School.  Mama Miss shared the ABC's of Printables that you might want to check out after visiting 3 Dinosaurs website.  You'll be all set for the year!  

You can utilize printables at home but we also want to mention that restaurants, relatives houses, ball park or sidelines and even airplane rides can be a great place to bring a folder full of printables too.  Learning can happen any where at any time you just have to be prepared for it.  
Amanda's"Spin On It"
I like printing my favorite free printables and organizing them in binders too. I don't print a ton of them, just a few each month that I think would benefit my kids! Just this past December, I was so excited to open my Christmas decorations box - why?  Well, when my daughter was 3 I printed off some cute printables and made them re-usable by putting them in sheet protectors and letting her use dry erase markers.  She used them the year she was 3 and again the December that she was 4.  This year, my son was now 3 and ready to use them again.  Although it may seem like your are printing a lot and using your ink up in a hurry - being able to REUSE them is oh so nice!  If you have only one kid - you could always pass them on to a friend.  As we are nearing Feburary 14th, I am excited to open up my Feburary decorations box - why?  Well, 3 years ago - I printed off some cute printables and have added a few new ones each year.  So now, I have a litle folder tucked amongst the fake red roses and pink heart placemats full of great activities I can now do with my toddler.  Time friendly, eco friendly, and budget friendly!!!

How will you use printables at home?       


Katie P said...

Cassie, Kim, and Amanda, it was nice to hear some more great ideas for educating your child outside of school. I'm a mommy/speech-language pathologist and I can't agree with you more that this is so IMPORTANT! I have some fun speech-language printables on my website that may be great to add to your afterschool repertoire... Thanks for encouraging so many parents out there to help at home. I look forward to more great posts!

Raising a Happy Child said...

You know, I like "the concept" of printables, but when I look at an incredible amount of "busywork" that my daughter already brings home from school, I am very hesitant to add more. One type of printables that we do use are word search and other puzzles, plus creativity inducing stuff such as doodle pages or writing prompts.

Lovingmama said...

Me too (for the 6 year old) She loves the puzzles and mazes. This week, she is into dot-to-dots! I was trying to think of a way to practice numbers 1-100 without being a busy work that she didn't enjoy. SUCESS! She didn't want to stop doing them =)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I need to start putting my sheets into binders. I love the ones I have downloaded from 3 Dinosaurs

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