Easy Mother's Day Craft

Mother's Day can be an exciting holiday for kids to celebrate. They have so much fun creating something special for their Mom. Here's a fun art project for Mother's Day that is sure to be a big hit!

Mother's Day Craft from The Educators' Spin On It

Here's fun way to show a MOM how colorful and special she is to you.  We're making a resist paint art project using a little help from one of our favorite stories.

Perfect for a quick Mother's Day Craft to do with your class or playgroup too!  Let's get started!

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh 
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Mouse Paint is a classic story that I highly recommend for all children to read.  Three sweet little mice explore what happens when they combine red, yellow and blue.  It's the perfect way to introduce primary and secondary colors in a magical way.  

Mother's Day Craft from The Educators' Spin On It

For our Mother's day craft we are following along in the footsteps of the mice and created our own special rainbow footprints.  Gather your supplies first.  Then read the story and discuss what happens when the mice put their painted feet into different colors.  Reading it first gives each child a little background building in color mixing before they paint their Mother's Day project.  

Mother's Day Project Supplies
  • Printed Mom Cut Out
  • Plain Piece of Paper or Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Red, Yellow and Blue Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • 3 Containers for mixing colors

Cut out the word MOM first before you begin. For older children leave could even create their own outline.  Now you're ready to do some Mouse painting for Mom with a wonderful surprise.  Before you begin painting tape onto your plain piece of paper lightly, you'll want this to come off later.  Allow your child to choose the placement for a little creative choice.  

Learning to mix colors with Mouse Paint from The Educators' Spin On it

First paint with the brush red and yellow prints on the page and then mix the two colors to create Orange and then create orange prints onto the page.  Then repeat with the yellow and blue and red and blue.  As they are making prints onto the paper encourage them to cover the secret message on the paper.  Remind them to take caution and not lift up the word MOM at anytime while painting.  

Mother's Day Craft from The Educators' Spin On It

Once they have covered the paper they have created all of the colors of the rainbow onto the paper.  Now it's time to lift up the MOM paper and see the surprise word!  Just as the mice saved a white spot to hide from the mouse in the story we've saved a special place for our MOM.  Turn it upside down and it also says WOW!  Yes I know it's the little things my 6 year old notices that crack me up.  

Mother's Day Craft from The Educators' Spin On It includes free MOM Printable

Once your painting is dry it's ready to give to a special MOM for Mother's Day! 

Happy Mother's Day from The Educators' Spin On It! 

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Sam @ Thrive 360 Living said...

Love this adorable craft idea. My son is definitely going to be tempted to lift the tape but this will be a good exercise in teaching him patience :-). Looking forward to checking out Mouse Paint too!

The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks Sam! My 2 year old did pretty well it just stamping the paint brush up and down, I was really proud of her. I think when it's tied into the book they really feel like tiny mouse footprints as they are doing it. I did remind them to hold down the sides if they were close to the MOM letters which seems to help too.

Mud Hut Mama said...

These turned out so sweet and it looks like the process was really fun too!

DIY Crafts Mom said...

These are SO CUTE! Great idea for the kids. Thanks for sharing!

leftbraincraftbrain said...

I love the painting tie-in to Mouse Paint. Thanks for including a printable (you've thought of everything). I think we might try using this with Do-a-Dot paints, too.

Kim Vij said...

Dot to dot paints would be a great alternative to painting, great suggestion

Boy Mama Teacher Mama said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing at After School! ;)

Shweta said...

I tried this project for the upcoming mother's day for bunch of kids. Age range 18 M to 3.5 years. They loved it!!


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