How to Make a Summer Learning Board {Includes Printables}

Are you looking for ways to keep your children learning throughout the summer?  We are thrilled to announce that we are sharing our ideas on - Click Here! today.  We invite you to stop by and check out all the tips we're sharing!  

One tip we wanted to share just with you on The Educators' Spin On It is how to make your own Summer Learning Board using recycled materials.  We had an old bulletin board laying around the house that honestly needed some love so we decided to spruce it up for our Summer fun this year!  

We used acrylic paint and my 6 year old daughter painted the frame, all by herself!  Then we selected some leftover fabric and laid it over the old corkboard.  

We used a blunt edge of a knife to get the fabric to go between the frame and the corkboard.  Some frames will remove and make this process much easier but ours was an old recycled one that it would not come out from so we make do with what we have!  Once we got the fabric all laying flat it's time to hang it on the wall and attach our Summer Printables!  

Now it was time to create a few printables to keep us motivated all summer long!  

Summer Sight Words
There are many places to find the Dolch Word List  that your child should be working on for this school year.  We encourage you to use both the grade they just completed AND the grade they are going into as words to focus on this summer!  Keep them posted on your Summer Learning Board!  

Summer Reading List
Create a list together of books you want to read over the summer!  Keep track on this Reading Log and set a goal for the end of 20 books!  Check out your local library for their Summer Reading Program as they "Dig into Reading" this year!  

Summer Bucket List 
Have you made a list of things you'd like to do with  your kids this summer?  If you haven't we think it's really a lot of fun to use these 4 words PLAY MAKE LEARN and GO to plan out your summer fun and learning this year.  Here's how we use our words to plan out last summer's Bucket List!  We'll be sharing this summer on Monday! 

Please Print these out and get ready as you create a Summer Learning Board with your child this summer.  Don't forget to check out Melissa and Doug Blog with my post on all the other things to include in a Summer Learning Station for your child!  

We're excited to be a contributor this summer to the Summer Fun Calendar at - Click Here!  Every Monday they will be sharing new ideas for fun during the week with your kids!  Follow along at your own pace.  

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