5 Simple Ways to Remember Summer Vacation with Kids

Do you hear it?  Tick Tock Tick Tock....just a few more weeks left of summer and then the kids are Back in School.  Take a moment and reflect on your summer with your kids and the new memories that they made.  Before you you know it we'll get we'll be busy with school and preparing for Meet the Teacher and Open House and the reality of homework.  

4 Simple Ways to Remember Your Summer Vacation

  1. Make a Summer Journal together:  You could exchange it back and forth throughout your days sharing your favorite moments
  2. Create a Collage together: Take a look at all those images still on the camera or in your phone and upload them to your desktop and pick out your favorite and put into a collage for the fridge or their room.  
  3. Record a video: Use your iphone or camera and interview them and encourage them to share their favorite events and memories on this summer.  
  4. Make a Coloring Book:  Use Images from your adventures using Picassa or Picmonkey feature. 
  5. Plan a End of the Summer Party Whether it's just you and the kids or with friends. Take a moment to celebrate summer and the joys it brings to our families.  

Here are a few simple ways to help reflect on your summer with your child and foster memories of a lifetime.  We only have 18 Summer with our children before they are off and exploring the world on their own.  Can't believe mine only has 9 left , she's halfway through them {she says while nearly chocking up}  We have done so many fun things this summer together as a family but I think we'll have to fit in a few more before our school starts again. 

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