Ways to Support Holiday Crafts & Gifts in your Child's Classroom {After School Linky Party}

It's here DECEMBER!  It's a busy time of year for all of us but I want to take a moment to encourage you to reach out to your child's classroom and see how you can help support your child's teacher.  For many the end of the semester and report cards assessment time is getting closer they are returning from a shortened month of November and now a shortened month with Winter Break. Teachers are starting to feel the pressures of it all.  

While we're all at home getting ready for the Holidays they are busy teaching our children to prepare them for end of the units tests and for the standardized tests that are coming in just a few months in the spring.  As much as we want the holiday spirit all around our kids we also want business to take place as usual at school to keep our kids on track for success.    

Finding Joy with Kids in Handmade Gifts for Parents 
After mentioning our busy schedules I must admit that there's nothing more special than a handmade gift being brought home from a child from school.  The excitement on their face as they prepare it for their parents.  Finding a way to create a special gift wrap brings such joy to our children's hearts.  And truthfully is extremely important for them to have the opportunity to be able to express this gratitude and joy to their parents.  However with Busy Schedules and the Need for Handmade Holiday Crafts, I'm sure you're thinking....

How to make it all work? AND  How can I help?  

Tips for Ways to Help with Holiday Crafts and Gift for Parents 

Volunteer in the Classroom 
One simple way is to volunteer to come into the classroom and make a craft with the kids as a gift for their parents.  It can be a 

  • Handmade Christmas Card
  • Handmade Ornament for the tree 
  • Handmade Gift

They key is in presentation.  Helping come up with the gift wrap idea and doing it with the kids helps so much.  

Pick a Simple Project
Simple really is best when it comes to this find a budget friendly idea and ask the teacher if they would mind if you came in and prepared it with the students.  You've taken away all the hard work!  

Offer to Prepare at Home 
If you're not able to come in you could also just offer to send in the items prepared for the class.  

Offer to Read a Holiday Story & Create
There are fun ways to sneak the holidays into the everyday lesson plans by sharing stories about the holidays.  Offer to come in and read a specialized book to the class with a coordinating activity.  There are fun ways to incorperate reading, writing, math, social studies and science with a holiday book.  Here are 1000+ Activities and Crafts to have some fun with Jan Brett's Books or Tomie dePaola's Books

Help Organize a Crafting Party for the Holiday Party
You could even plan to have them create it during the holiday party.  Most simple projects can be done for the whole class in less than 30 minutes.  However if that time is not there you could offer to come in a few days at the beginning or end of school to get a few students done at a time.  There's 3 weeks until Holiday break for most of us which gives us enough time to get things rolling.  

Where to Start with Ideas? Contact your Child's Teacher

Where to Get Ideas?  Start with a few Pinterest Boards 
Handmade Ornament Ideas Pinterest Board 
Winter Projects to Do and Make Pinterest Board 
Top Pinterest Board to Follow for Holiday Ideas with Kids

Psst.... Starting Planning for a Holiday Gift Idea for your Child's Teacher  

Last week's After School Party Favorite is Snowman Potato Stamps from Molly Moo. 

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  1. Great thoughts. We always appreciated December gifts made in school. Hopefully there will be time for them in the next 3 weeks. By the way, I love your blog redesign!

    1. Thanks Natalie, we're working on it. I hope to fit in the time too.

  2. Thanks for these tips! I also adore your blog redesign!

    1. Thanks MaryAnne! I know with multiple kids in school it gets a little tricky. How do you like to get involved in their schools?

  3. Love this idea and all the creative projects! Many thanks!

    1. Thanks Amanda! There are some really fun holiday projects this week, can't wait to try them at home with my daughter.

  4. I love these tips. What you say about getting involved in your kid's school sounds like a really positive, fun and worthwhile thing to do. Our son is only seven months old at the moment, but it's the sort of thing that I'd like to do in the future.


  5. What a great post! My son just started preschool, so I'm still learning how this all works. Thanks for the tips!


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