100th Day of School Activity Idea

Learning to count to 100 has never been more colorful and fun!  With a few playful ideas you can be making you own cupcakes by using water beads and learning to count all in one.  We use a multicolored pack similar to this pack on Crystal Water Gels (Multicolored) {Affiliate link included} for this project. 

Before you begin counting to 100, give your child the chance to play with the water bead.  Encourage them to create their own cupcake factory.  They are building find motor skills and color recognition as they are playing.  Perhaps even make a cupcake sign to include some literacy into the project too! 

Introduce Clear Party Glass 2oz. to discuss the concept of filling cups to 10. My daughter liked to fill the cups and then place them into a Mini Muffin Pan. Eventually after playing with them introduce the concept of separation by color if you're using multiple colors.    

We're all set to bake, just kidding, in all serious my daughters played this activity for a very long time each day, it simply captivated their attention and imaginary play. I love finding simple ways to get kids counting and playing with math!  


We used this activity to go along with the book  If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff  Who is our featured author of the month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids.  (Click here for more activities)   

Now it's time to introduce counting to 100! Set aside 10 plastic cups and fill each with 10 water beads.  Encourage your child to count to 100 by counting by 10's.As you empty each container you can count to 100 together.  

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This project was created for the Celebrate the 100th Day Project 

Would you like to see more activities and fun that feature the Number 100? Then follow along each day of our Blog Hop, Celebrate the 100th Day of School! You can read the list of participants by clicking HERE or on the image above!

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Natalie AfterschoolForSmartyPants said...

Nice idea, Kim! I hope you don't mind if I link to your post in my upcoming post on 100 ways to encourage math at home for the same series :)

Becky said...

What a colorful way to count to 100! You've convinced me that I need to go get some water beads for my own kiddos! Thank you for sharing in our 100th day blog hop.

PragmaticMom said...

My kids loved their 100th Day of School celebration in Kindergarten. What great ideas!

Andrea @ No Doubt Learning said...

We have yet to use water beads - they look like so much fun! Thanks for joining in with our 100th day hop!

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