101+ Penguin Activities and Penguin Crafts for Busy Parents and Teachers

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE Penguin CRAFTING AND LEARNING GUIDE FOR THE BUSY PARENT and Teacher of children ages 3-7!!!  These are all links for things that I have done or would do with my kids.  As an experienced teacher and practiced parent, I want to be a resource for YOU and save YOU time so that you can spend that time interacting with your child and being the awesome parent that you are! Stop back Saturday for printable preschool weekly lesson plans and Wednesday for Playful Preschool Learning Activities!

101+ Penguin Activities and Penguin Crafts for Busy Parents and Teachers

***All photos in the collage above are from The Educators' Spin On It.  The collection of Penguin Learning Activities and Crafts links below are from around the web. Thank you to all the bloggers and writers who continuously share their ideas with us parents and teachers!*****

Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I may get a commission if you make a purchase.

Penguin Learning Activities 

Is a penguin a bird?  How fast can a penguin swim?  How do penguins communicate with each other?

Penguins are fascinating animals. When my parents took their first trip abroad this year, they went to AFRICA!!! And friends - did you know that Africa is home to... Did you guess it?  Yes, PENGUINS!  I for one always think of Africa being home to the lions and giraffes, but not penguins.  Their travels have sparked a curiosity in me to learn more about them. I know if I am curious and excited to learn about something, my enthusiasm is contagious and soon the kids are too.  

Parenting takes time, preparation, and patience.  You are your child's #1 teacher. We have a choice on how we want to spend our time with our children.  I choose to learn, make, play, and cook with my kids when the opportunity arises. My professional training is teaching children and I hope to share with you some activities that may help make everyday moments, learning opportunities. 

A unit study combines multiple different learning activities, games, songs, stories, crafts and more all about a particular subject.  You and your child will then dig deeper into that topic, develop a greater knowledge and more complex vocabulary about that subject.  Make a week (or month) of one particular topic and you have what we as teachers call a UNIT STUDY. You of course should NOT do all the things I have listed with your children, rather pick and choose the things that you feel your kids would get the most out of.  I have made weekly preschool lesson planners that are free to download in the links below.

Here at the Educators' Spin On It 
  1. Free Lesson Planner for Week 1 and Parenting Goals for 2014
  2. Penguin Learning Activities
  3. Week 2 Free Penguin Unit Lesson Planner
  4. Penguin Learning Activities: Math Counters
  5. Week 3 Free Penguin Unit Lesson Planner 
  6. Penguin Cooking Activities and More! 
  7. Week 4 Free Penguin Unit Lesson Planner 
  8. The Ultimate Penguin Guide to Penguin Crafts and Learning Activities
  9. Penguin Writing Prompts and Sewing Craft 

Teacher Selected Resources for Penguin Learning Activities

Learning Websites about Penguins - Research the Facts

Emperor Penguins from National Geographic Kids
Penguins from A-Z Animals
Penguin Facts from Sea World
African Penguin Fact Sheet from Penguin World
Penguin Facts from Wikipedia
Tourism Information and Habitat Video from South African National Parks
Where do Penguins Live from Mother Nature Network
Cold Climate Post from Discovery Kids
Interactive Map from Cape Tourism
Penguin Lesson Plans from Embracing Home

Fun Penguin Crafts

Tons of Penguin Crafts from Fun Family Crafts
Penguins from Antarctica from Hands On Homeschooler
Letter P Craft at Homeschool Creations
Penguin Placemat at No Time for Flash Cards
Triangle Macaroni Penguin Craft at Little Illumination
Edible Sensory Project at Simply Home
Penguin Unit for First Grade at Babbling Abby
P is for Penguin Paper Bag Craft at Pocket Full of Posies
Easy Felt Sewing Penguin from Michaels
Potato Print Penguins from MollyMoo
Paper Mosaic at Kohlcraft
Footprint Craft at Little Family Fun
Foot Print Penguin from Meet the Dubiens
Tacky the Penguin Board from Cundiff's Critters
Penguin Door Stop at Cheryl Style
Footprint Penguin at Simply Home Blog
Penguin Party Favor Bags at Pink-N-Green Mama
Paper Penguin at Sassy Dealz
Pony Bead Penguin Directions at Making Friends
Paper Plate Penguin at Kids Crafts and Recipies
Egg Carton Penguin at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
Egg Carton Penguin Party at A Patchwork Life
Paper Plate Mask at Activity Village
Penguin Paint Stamping at No Time for Flash Cards
Square Paper Penguin at Miss. Kindergarten
Penguin Coloring Pages at Super Coloring
Simple Sewing Penguin Softie at Activity Village
Polar Playdough Play at Gift of Curiosity
Pipe Cleaner Penguins at Spoonful Crafts 
Footprint Penguin with Feathers on Flicker by TeacherSM
Foam Stick Puppets and More at Family Theme Days
Patterned Penguin Coloring Sheet at Shiju me
Penguin Chick Felt Puppet with Pattern at Crack of Dawn Crafts
Painted Rocks at Inspiration Laboratories

Penguin Technology


Penguin Art

Painting Penguins (2nd Grade) at Deep Space Sparkle, Art for Kids
Paint and Paper Penguins at Deep Space Sparkle, Art for Kids
How to Draw a Penguin from My Montessori Journey
How to Draw a Flying Penguin from Toon Pencil
Penguin Picture with Multiple Mediums at Jennifer's Little World

Sew a Quiet Book Page at Imagine Our Life, Creative Living with a Toddler
DIY Clay Beads and Bracelets at Red Ted Art


Using Penguins to Raise Global Kids

Antartica for Kids at Mud Hut Mama
Zoom the Globe at The Educators' Spin On It
Interactive Map and Felt Animals at Imagine Our Live, Creative Living with a Toddler
Learning Collection at Kids World Citizen
Make Your Own Continent Map at The Adventures of Bear

Penguin Writing

Pink Penguin Writing at First Grader at Last
Penguin Printable Writing Prompts at The Educators' Spin On It 

Penguin Writing and Measuring at Welcome to Room 36
Penguin Writing and Crafts at The First Grade Parade
Class Writing of Penguin Facts at Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos
Writing for a Variety of Purposes at Mrs. Jump's Class
ECO Box Penguin Craft at The Educators' Spin On It
Penguin Cards at Creative Party Themes
Fact Writing at Mrs. T's First Grade Class
Writing Sheet and Crafts at Danielle's Place
Labeling Penguin Diagram at My First Grade Back Pack

Penguin Reading Lessons and Activities 

Arctic Nouns and Adjectives + at Ship Shape First Grade
Fairytales from Other Lands at Crafty Mama's Share
Book Collection at KC Adventures
Non-fiction Online Reader at Starfall
Summary of Penguin Books and Craft at Storytime Plans
Penguin Poem at Teaching in High Heels
A Penguin Story and Craft at The Adventures of Bear
Printable Fact and Opinion Cards at A Place to Share
Penguin Opposites Downloadable Game from First Grade A La Cart
Playful Penguins Counting Book (scroll down to the bottom of the post) at Danielle's Place

Penguin Science

Learning about Penguins at Boy Mama Teacher Mama
Blubber Experiment at Adventures in Mrs. Martins Room
Penguin Identification at Trillium Montestori
Triorama Habitat at Art is Basic
Penguin Learning Trays at Kenna's Felt Forrest
Temperature Activity at Making Learning Fun

Penguin Math

Penguin Patterns and Greater Than / Less Than from Boy Mama Teacher Mama
Silly Shape Penguins and Card Game from Teach With Me
Make a Penguin Countdown Book from Making Learning Fun
Fraction Penguins from Almost Unschoolers
Penguin Counters from First Grader at Last
Circle Penguin Craft from Reading Confetti
Color by Number Penguin from Making Learning Fun
Penguin Addition from Erica's Ed-Ventures
Penguin Pattern Block Designs from PreKinders
Math Survey and Penguin Song from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten
Numbers 1-10 from Little Family Fun
Goldfish Number 1-20 from SpEd PreK
Math Counters from The Educators' Spin On It

Penguin Games

Musical Icebergs, Snowball Races and More at Creative Party Themes
Feed the Penguin at Gourmet Mom on the Go
Iceberg Jumping at Spoonful Crafts
ECO Penguin Bowling at Crafts-N-Things for Children
Bean Bag Toss at Pink-N-Green Mama
Printable Penguin Memory Cards at Playing with Words 365
Pop N Drop Penguins Game A Penguin Version of Trouble


Penguin Music

Penguin Songs at The Sweetest Melody
Penguin Song and Egg Activity at my Montessori Journey
I'm a Little Penguin at Kid Zone
Rhymes and Action Songs at Sunflower Storytime
Penguin Poem at Kid Zone
Penguin Songs and Crafts at Patties Classroom 

Cooking Penguin Themed With Kids

There are a lot of unhealthy themed snacks out there.  I tried to list mostly healthy ones as I strongly believe we can have fun, learn, and EAT healthy....

Penguin Cookies at Diamonds for Desert

Olive Penguins at Once Upon a Plate
Cheese Ball at Silvana's Kitchen
Penguin Black Bean Soup at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
Penguin Bento Lunch at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
Penguin Burrito - link coming soon to the Educators' Spin On It


Jennifer Jain said...

Wow, what a fantastic collection of ideas, I love penguins too! Thanks for including my penguin craft :)

Mud Hut Mama said...

This is an amazing list!! Thank you for including our Antarctica week! I'm looking forward to trying some of these activities with my girls!

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