Free Weekly Learning Planner for Busy Parents and Teachers - Penguin Unit Week 2

penguin learning activities

Penguin Learning Activities Free Weekly Planner Week 2.

Are you a busy parent or teacher of a preschooler?   I am!  My middle child is 4 years old. He is a very active, inquisitive learner who keeps me on my toes.  As a teacher with my M.A. in Reading Education K-12 and experience in kindergarten and first grade classrooms, I have learned how much I can accomplish if I write down my goals and make a weekly planner for our learning activities.  We believe that PLAY is a very important part of learning for young children, but also that basic academic skills should be taught as well.  

Because I know that YOU are busy too, I wanted to make my plans easy for you to download and use.  Best of all - FREE!!!! Life permitting, my free weekly planners will go up on Saturdays for this month with a post on Wednesdays explaining some of the activities in more detail. Feel free to join along in our preschool journey.  Use the hashtag #playfulpreschool to connect with other like minded parents and teachers.  You are also welcome to follow along on Instagram to see what we are doing each day!

This month we will also start sending out a monthly newsletter - sign up now!

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Jodie @ Growing Book by Book said...

I'm loving this weekly plan Amanda! I'm hoping to start adapting your great ideas for for my 3 year-old. All of the play ideas are great. Thanks so much.

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