Global Kids Travel to Izhevsk, Russia

A Virtual Field Trip to Izhevsk, Russia


Russia is the largest country in terms of land.  There are 17 million sq. km. of plains, Ural mountains, hills, lakes, and rivers.

Did you know that more than 142,900,000 people call Russia their home?  (2010 Census)

Many people live in the more well known cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Moscow is the capital. St. Petersburg is also well known for it's architecture, churches, and history.

627,734 Russians live in Izhevsk.  

Izhevsk remains a lesser known city in central Russia, within the Udmurt Republic, but no less important. It is a delightful city filled with geologists (Russia is known for it's oil industry) artists, merchants, students, teachers, doctors, families, and people like YOU and ME.

So what does a smaller city in Russia look like?

They have places to live.  This happens to be the flat compex where my husband grew up.
Playgrounds for children

 Ways to get around; cars, cabs, trolley's, and buses are all used in Izhevsk.

Streets with markets and shops

Schools for children to learn in

And places to worship.

Now can you find Izhevsk on a map or globe?  

Start at the capital (Moscow) and travel East!

Show me your neighbourhood around the world


Natalie AfterschoolForSmartyPants said...

Many people in US still mistakenly believe that Russian citizens live in villages and have no access to electricity or college education. You wouldn't believe what kind of questions people used to ask me during my business trips to, umm., "less enlightened" areas of US! Thanks for sharing pictures from your husband's hometown.

Annabelle Humanes said...

thank you for taking part in this series. Love the church. said...

Wow! Absolutely magical! I love the temple, it looks like it came from a storybook! And I love the way all the photos look in the collage! Thanks for sharing!

The Practical Mom said...

Wow are the playgrounds covered in snow all year round ? We didn't want to go be cuz of a little rain!

Amanda Boyarshinov said...

Nope - it just snows there in the winter!

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