Best Birthday Gifts for One Year Old

Best Birthday Gifts for One Year Old

Let's be honest. The FIRST birthday is just about the best for PARENTS!  Yes, it really is all about us.  The kids would be content with a box and the wrapping paper.  No presents really needed.
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Gift Ideas for One Year olds from The Educators' Spin On It

 BUT, we do of course like to get our kids something special to celebrate the occasion.  At our household, we like to aim for

1 book, 1 toy, and 1 outfit.

Grandparents and other family members add to the gifts too!  So what would I recommend?

When I look for toys I really take the time to get something that is well made and will last longer than a few months.  I really prefer open ended toys that allow for many play possibilities.  Here are my top 10 pics for THE BIG one year old gift!

Gift Ideas for a One year Old from the Educators' Spin On It

Best Birthday Gifts for One Year Old's

1. A push toy that does more than push.  I love this one as it can also carry a load of toys. Push toys are great for developing gross motor skills and encouraging movement.  Push toy + Load of Books = AWESOME 1 year old gift!

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

2. A Kitchen Playset.  This is the one we got for our kids.  It has held up well and my 1 year old LOVES it (even though it is recommended for 36 months) He pretends to cook with it every day.  My 4 year old and 7 year old also play with it too, so it will last for many years to come! It also doesn't take up as much space as some of the plastic ones, but still has quite a few doors for storage. The Step 2 one is another favorite!

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

3. Ride On Toy. My kids always had Classic Ride On Toy and I always wished I had bought the ride on with the handlebar for parents to push.  That is genius!  BUT, last month my neighbors gave us their plasma / wiggle car that they were no longer using. ( Have I told you lately how awesome my neighbors are?) and my 17 month old is in LOVE with it.  In fact, he puts his helmet on and zips around the side walks and then brings it inside and zips around the kitchen.  Since it can fit a child up to 250 lbs, I rode it too and WEEEE it was fun.  Oh wait, we rode it together.  Just for your viewing pleasure... I'm including the picture below.

4. An Outdoor Swing.  My 1 year old can spend hours in our swing.  It is a great way to have him in a rocking motion while being outside.  We often sing the A.B.C.'s and nursery rhymes while we are swinging, so he gets some vocabulary development during swing-time as well.

5. A Water Table: This is great for sensory play, fine and gross motor with an endless possibility for problem solving, creative play, and vocabulary development.  It is also a great "big" gift for a relatively low price.  These make for fun water play on hot summer days!

 6. Wooden Shape Sorter.  These are great for starting to teach shapes and colors as well as fine motor skills.  My kids all started throwing and dumping at 1, but using them more as they were designed towards age 2.

Green Toys Shape Sorter Baby Toy

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

7. Nesting Blocks: My cardboard set of nesting blocks were a gift to my first baby.  She is now 7 years old.  3 kids later, my set of nesting blocks is still going strong with lots of play.  In addition to numbers and colors, this toy also teaches stacking and shape differences.  My kids use them for other things too, and the cubes are often turned on their sides and used as garages for cars.  

8. Musical Instruments.  Starting kids listening to and making music from an early age can have vocabulary and rhythm benefits.  Although kids can make music with their hands, a pot and a wooden spoon, and home-made instruments, it is fun to have some real instruments for them to explore and play with as well.  Want ideas on how to start making music with your young child? Here is a great article on making music every day.

9. Bath Toys At my house, cups are great bath toys, but we had so much fun with the bath toys that the grandparents sent us, that I am adding them to my top 10 list.  These are toys that will not be used for a long time, but are fun to have.

10. BOOKS!  I know we have a lot already, but there are so many wonderful books out there and our kids NEED to be reading every day. Here are some of our FAVORITES for 1 year olds.


I hope these parent selected, kid tested 1 year old list was helpful to you!  If your little one is celebrating their first birthday soon - HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Enjoy your special day together!!!!

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Kim Vij said...

Amanda these toys have been our favorites too for First Birthdays, so many fun toys that last a long time with your family. Thanks for making this Birthday list.

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