Kids Helping Kids

I met Jenny more than 5 years ago, she moved away shortly after we met, but I have been fortunate to be her “Facebook friend” from far away.  She is an amazing mom that is active in her childrens’ schooling, extracurricular activities and community service projects.  When I read about her families latest adventure:Kids Helping Kids using RAINBOW LOOM bracelets to support , I invited her here on The Educators’ Spin On It to share this project with you! She is PARENTING with purpose!

Project Rainbow Loom

By Jenny

Why Helping Others is Important:

Children need to understand that kids are kids. They have similar hopes and dreams, as your child does, but maybe not the same resources that are available to your family; food, clothing, shelter, safety, and access to knowledge.  By enabling your child to use their own skills to help others, you are teaching them to appreciate and respect one another's differences. That is truly the BEST gift you can give your child.

How Kids can Help other Kids:

For this project, kid-made Rainbow Loom bracelets will be collected nationwide by children everywhere! The kids will sell these bracelets and all proceeds will return to the A Grateful Mind Intl. Any bracelets your child would like to make and donate to the cause would be wonderful. . .the more the better! 

There is nothing better than kids helping other kids!

What YOU Can Do:

1.     Talk with your child about the importance of helping others. 
2.     Share this project with your friends, social groups, and family. 
3.     Make one or a bunch of bracelets and send them in to

PO Box information: 

A Grateful Mind Int’l.
PO Box 721915
Orlando, FL 32872-1915

4.     Not a loomer but still want to participate visit for other ways to help.

To any teachers, parents and group leaders, or any adult who is motivated to continue the project in their school or church, Jenny has offered to support and assist you in organizing your event. You may connect with her at jenny(at)flhv.or                                                                                                                       

More about A Grateful Mind Intl:

A Grateful Mind International, a 501c3 nonprofit operates as a Community Outreach Services agency that provides Emergency Crisis Assistance & Educational Resources to the homeless and impoverished men, women and children in Central Florida with the expectancy of empowering the families to move beyond their crisis.

The stated mission of A Grateful Mind International is to provide immediate humanitarian relief to individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis; while providing them access to educational resources that will empower them to move beyond their crisis.

Our Goal...

Is to exhibit the love of God through our actions...
By feeding every man, woman, boy & girl we encounter that is hungry...
By clothing every person we encounter needing clothes...
By helping those seeking shelter, to find it.
By helping those seeking knowledge, to obtain it.
To 'Give the Gift of Hope' to those that have lost it...
~To exhibit the love of God through our actions~

A Grateful Mind Intl.

We ALL have what it takes to help end homelessness. Join us for "SING! To End Homelessness" - the Charity Singing Competition that needs to hear your VOICE for the cause! Find out how at:

Pledge your support to help families prevent becoming homeless during a temporary crisis. Make a donation. Connect with them on Facebook,Twitter & YouTube


Megan Sheakoski said...

LOVE!!!!! Such a wonderful project!

The Big Change Project said...

Thank you for the great post! We mentioned it today on our blog about non-profit fundraising, community building and service projects at The Big Change Project. Thanks again for sharing such a great idea!

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