DIY Number Book for Preschoolers

Encouraging your child to recognize numbers takes a variety of activities throughout their childhood. On Melissa and Doug today I'm sharing a fun way to use your Wooden Puzzle to create a Number Scavenger Hunt.  

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Once we went on our hunt we discovered there are a few more things you can do with this game!  Come see how we created our own number book! 

Make Your Own Number Book for Preschoolers from The Educators' Spin On It

Create your Own Number Book

To extend your child's Scavenger Hunt fun you can create your own Number Book.  Take pictures of where the numbers are hiding and then print out with your child.  It’s a creative way to use your puzzle in a different way PLUS you are working on number recognition, positional words and building vocabulary and literacy skills. Here's a peek at our Scavenger Hunt pictures

You could use any type of Numbers to create the Number Book.  Magnets, Hand drawn, Numbered Cubes or we choose to use our Puzzle Pieces in a fun new way.    

Create a Scavenger Hunt with Kids with Numbers

To make your own number book… 

  • Take pictures of the numbers where they are placed
  • Upload images to computer
  • Print images inserting several images onto on sheet at a time
  • Cut out images and glue onto premade book with 11 sheets of paper, you can use 1-10 for younger children. 
Make Your Own Number Book from The Educators' Spin On it

TIP: Having your child manipulate thing images to glue onto the paper helps to connect to book and also more visual recognition time for the numbers.  
  • Write the text with your child as they describe the image “The 10 is on the rock” or “The 4 is next to the tree”
  • You could even have them draw items, stamps or place stickers to match the number for one to one correspondence. {More Ideas Coming Soon
  • READ your new number book with your child. 
Number Scavenger Hunt with Wooden Puzzles & Flashlight

Hope you have fun with your making your own number book!  Don't forget to stop by Melissa and Doug's Blog to explore the Number Scavenger Hunt .  Plus maybe purchase your own Wooden Number Puzzle.  

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Sarah said...

Neat! You could do this with ABCs or little plastic animals... anything!

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