We believe in the power of raising globally aware children and we make a point to allow our children to experience other cultures with food, art, crafts, music, geography, presentations, and more.  In addition to raising globally aware children, both of our families have chosen to raise our children to be bilingual speakers of another language. 

Cultural Topics and Educational Activities

Here at The Educators' Spin On It we address many cultural topics and educational activities that can be adapted to the language you speak with your child.  Although we are experts in Russian and Indian culture, we also teach our children about many other countries and languages as well.  Whether you want to learn more about our cultures to teach your children or are interested in raising bilingual kids too - we hope you are inspired!
  • Around the World in 12 Dishes Series 
  • Resources for Raising Global Kids 
  • Activities about Russia
  • Activities about India

Around the World in 12 Dishes Series 

Get ready to Cook Around World with your Kids! Check out our recipes and activities for kids. Includes printable Passport and Placemats for each country.  

Resources for Raising Global Kids 

Multicultural Books for Kids

Building Your Diverse Bookshelf One Theme at a Time:



Amanda's husband is from Russia.  She shares ways that she is raising her kids to learn about their diverse background.  She includes tips on learning Russian as a second language.  

Additional  Russian Posts


Kim's husband is from India.  She shares tips for ways that she is embracing her child's diverse biracial background and marriage.  Plus tips on learning the Indian language of Hindi. She includes her experiences and tips on raising kids in a Hindi and Christian Home as well through education.


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