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Here at The Educators' Spin On It we feel that gardening provides educational and social opportunities for our children to grow up with.  We believe in the power of a garden and connect reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and play into our gardening activities.  We provide opportunities for our children to learn and experience the world in their own back yard.  Gardening can be as simple as sowing a seed in a pot or as large as homesteading.  We fall somewhere in the middle!!! 

School Gardening Journal

Kids in the Garden; Learning and Growing

Kids in the Garden, a collection of resources for parents and teachers

Gardening Activities with Kids Here at The Educators' Spin On It


Community Gardens by Amandine Hom
Homesteading by Vanessa Vargas Wilson
Preschool Gardens by Dayna 

Measurement in the Garden by Amanda Boyarshinov
Counting in the Garden by The Fairy and The Frog


Worms and Composing by Sandi Purdel Lewis

Alphabet Garden Hunt by Growing Book by Book


Kid Made Garden Signs by Tutus and Tea Parties


Herb Painting by Mama Miss
Painting with Flowers by Nicolette Roux 

South African Cycads By Teach Me Mommy


10 Things to Make with Oranges by Amanda Boyarshinov
Raising Chickens by La Famille Brown

Plant Units with Kids

Tips for Gardening with Kids from The Educators' Spin On It

Gardening with Kids

Academics in the Garden

Cooking from the Garden

Printable Lesson Plans from the Garden

Video’s From the Garden

Join In the Fun:

Have you written a post about learning and growing in the garden?  Feel free to grab the Garden Ambassador button and insert it into your post.  Let us know in a comment and we will try and share it on one of our favorite social media sites! 

The Educators' Spin On It

School Gardening Journal Information

What will you GROW in your GARDEN???

Together, let's inspire more parents and teachers to garden with their children!  




Meghan @ PlaygroundParkbench said...

We added your badge on our Earth Day post - it is all about How Does Your Garden Grow and our first attempt at starting our own seeds!

Faria Khan said...

All of us believe in the ability of a backyard and link reading, composing, math, technology, social research, and perform into our own gardening actions. We provide possibilities for our kids to learn as well as experience the globe in their personal back yard.

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